The Russian language proficiency exam will consist of a written component and an oral component.  The written part of the exam will be administered by a REES faculty member, and will take no more than two hours.  The oral component will be administered by one or two Russian faculty members selected by the REES Director of Graduate Studies.  The oral component of the language proficiency exam will take no more than 30 minutes.  The exam will generally take place in the beginning of the final semester.  Students should schedule the exam at the end of the preceding semester.  Exam will take place in one of the committee members’ offices.  The language proficiency exam can be re-taken once. Students must place in the “Advanced Low” category or above per the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages guidelines, available here (in a Russian-language version that addresses the specifics of Russian) and here in an English-language version that does not address the specifics of Russian).  Educated native Russian speakers are exempt from the language proficiency exam.