As of January 4, 2016 all CU faculty and staff are required to receive approval from the department chair and designated International Travel Approver (A&S Dean) prior to booking the trip (even if you are not using university funds to pay for the trip). TAs/graduate students paying through Christopherson travel with CU funds will need pre-approval through Concur.  International travel to high-risk destinations will require additional pre-approval from the appropriate chancellor/president or his/her delegate.  Note:  if you do not receive approval in advance of your trip, your travel reimbursement may not be approved.

You will need to include your approved request ID # when you book international airfare through Concur.  As of November 2021, travelers will also need to answer a list of questions before their international travel will be approved.  See this website for details.

To request approval:


CU Resources

Business Tools

Concur Travel & Expense System

Click on “+ New” Icon (second row, middle of page)

Start a Request

"Request Header Page"

Request Name:  Your last name, Country(ies) of Travel, Month/Year of Travel

Grant funded? Usually refers to federal grants

*SAVE* each page before continuing to next tab

"Segments Page"

You are only required to enter segments for air travel

You must enter all segments of your trip:

  • Enter all countries where your plane stops (even for layovers)
  • If your trip combines personal and business travel, explain in each segment which parts of the trip are business and which parts are personal (when requesting reimbursement, you will also need to submit a comparison quote for the business only travel.  If the quote is higher, you will need to write a check to CU for the difference).


Submit request

Accept and Submit