SketchBook Pro -- app for freehand writing (can project onto screen with data projector). Other apps that have similar capabilities are Penultimate, Notability, and Note Taker HD. The only glitch with these programs is you have to train yourself not to touch your palm to the iPad surface while writing as it recognizes it as another stylus in addition to one's finger or pen.

Keynote or 2Screens - apps for projecting PowerPoint. Keynote will allow one to create presentations, 2Screens is nice for viewing presentations with the added capability of being able to annotate on top of the slide while in presentation mode as well as annotate on websites accessed while in the program. 2Screens is syncable with Dropbox.

GoodReader and iAnnotate PDF -- apps to view and annotate PDF files.  Both should be syncable with Dropbox.

Evernote -- app for note taking and storing/organizing notes and can be synced with one's computer/laptop.

Dropbox is good for organizing files and having them available on a variety of devices.

Pages is a the iPad's writing software, and is a decent substitute for Word on the go.

DocsToGo is a good way to manage excel as well as many other file formats and is syncable with Dropbox. Can be used to catalog grades in real-time, and it also ensures that grades are always backed-up on the internet.

Slideshark (free app).  Keynote sometimes deletes Powerpoint fonts and messes up size of captions to images. If one has complicated powerpoints, wants to preserve fonts, color spacing etc., a good free app is Slideshark.

Here is another quick list of resources someone has compiled for language teachers:

(thanks to Rebecca Allison & Rima for their help with this page!)

VPN:  The campus VPN service now includes a mobile app that allows Apple devices to use the VPN. Junos Pulse is a free application available in the Apple App Store. The campus VPN allows you to make a secure on-campus network connection, when you are off campus or on UCB Wireless, so you can access restricted campus services such as library resources or file servers. Currently CU-Boulder does not officially support a VPN option for Android users. Although, there is a Junos Pulse application for Android, it does not have full functionality and is not recommended.

You can learn more about the Junos Pulse app at More information about the campus VPN service is online at

If you have questions about the campus VPN service, please contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (or 5-HELP from an on-campus phone) or Phone help is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.