After consultation with GSLL instructors, the department has adopted the following guidelines for the regular evaluation of instructors. These guidelines are effective as of October 30, 2014.

Instructors will be evaluated annually via faculty observations or classroom interviews, followed by written reports submitted to the chair. Unless requested by the instructor, there will be no evaluation during the first year of (re)appointment.  Classroom interview and observation may be combined, in order to ensure a sufficient number of evaluations are conducted before reappointment. The department chair appoints faculty to conduct observations or classroom interviews. Instructors are encouraged to provide the evaluating faculty member with materials pertaining to the class, such as lesson plans or outlines explaining the pedagogical goals of classroom activities, syllabi, and relevant textbook sections. The evaluator should meet with the instructor at a convenient time after the class but prior to writing the report to discuss any questions pertaining to the observation or class interview. An instructor may request to be evaluated at any time. The department chair is responsible for accommodating this request.

GSLL Policies & Procedures