Policy on Honors, RAP, and smaller-size course teaching

Faculty will be allowed to teach an Honors or RAP course as part of their regular teaching load at the sole discretion of the EC and provided the scheduling needs of the department are met. The Executive Committee will also rule on any faculty request of capping or lowering enrollment limits because of high enrollments in consecutive semesters.


Policy on Honors courses/recitations

Regular faculty of all ranks are eligible to apply to teach Honors courses/recitations.

Honors expects faculty who are able to teach in a manner that would encourage student critical thinking. The courses should be rigorous and challenging (as appropriate for level). The Executive Committee will screen the faculty requests for such teaching assignments. Honors courses are expected to have a significant writing component, additional readings (in comparison with non-honors analogous course) and/or other academic work (e.g., students' presentations).

GSLL faculty can be paid (through a stipend or research funds) for teaching an Honors recitation. You will have to submit a detailed syllabus and samples of tests/assignments that you would offer to Honors students. The Executive Committee will screen such requests for Honors recitation assignments and send them to Honors. Honors would then decide whether they would like to offer these recitations.


Note:  if a faculty member is teaching an Honors course as part of their regular faculty load, GSLL can use the stipend that would have been paid to the faculty member to pay an adjunct/lecturer in that academic year.   Funds cannot be transferred into GSLL's general fund speedtype.

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