May 2, 2011

Conference registration fees can be paid with A-Card. Airfare can be paid with speedtype through Concur Travel.  Lodging and ground transportation  can be paid with CU Corporate Liabilitiy Travel Card (if traveler does not have a corporate liability travel card, these expenses can be paid directly by traveler and submitted for reimbursement after the trip).  Meals and incidentials should be paid for directly by traveler and can be reimbursed after travel (no receipts needed). 

Note:  TA is no longer required!

If you are traveling on university related business, but there will be no cost to the university, you will need to log your trip (international only) on the iSOS website:  This is for emergency contact and risk management (insurance) reasons.  (Note:  you need to seek approval form the department before any travel arrangements are made.)