April 2022

Email is an essential part of GSLL business, and prompt responses contribute to efficient departmental operations and a collegial environment for everyone, especially staff. 

The Executive Committee has decided on the following set of expectations for email etiquette for faculty and graduate student correspondence with GSLL staff.

  • Please respond within 2 business days to emails from GSLL staff. If staff members do not receive a response within 3 days, they will send a reminder cc’ing chair and/or program head.
  • If staff members need an immediate response, they will flag email as “high importance,” "urgent, or “please respond today,” etc. in the subject line.
  • Staff will try to respond to email requests within 1 business day. If email volume is high, it is possible that they miss an email in their inbox. Feel free to send a follow up email or contact them by phone if you need a prompt response.
  • Faculty & graduate students should check emails at least once every week day during the semester.
  • Faculty & graduate students should set up an out-of-office email notification if they will not be checking emails for an entire day.