Boulder Campus policy on absence from campus

Faculty Leave Information (Office of Faculty Affairs webpage)


Graduate School Pregnancy and Parenting-related Policy


Sick Leave information for Graduate Students


FAMLI (Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program)


Workers’ Compensation


FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)


GSLL must follow the Boulder campus and CU system policies on absence from campus.  If a faculty member is unable to teach class in-person, they are encouraged to have a remote/zoom meeting for that class during the class time (Zoom attendance cannot be required, since students might not have the ability to zoom during their day, and information provided during this session must be available to students in an alternate format, for example, by recording the class). Faculty can also consider recording a short video for their students to watch.  TAs should contact their supervisor.


  • Instructors teaching language courses are highly discouraged from switching to asynchronous activities if they are unable to teach.  TAs should contact their supervisor.  Faculty should contact other program faculty if they need a substitute.  Always notify the department chair, program head and business manager when you are taking leave, arranging substitutes, or setting up alternative coursework.  

  • Notify the department chair, program head and staff if you are unable to arrange for substitutes yourself.  If possible, please send your substitute(s) lesson plans, give substitutes and your program head access to your Canvas page, and stay in touch with the substitute or the program head.

  • If you need to scan your course textbooks, please submit a request to (cc GSLL staff) and mark “Urgent” in subject line.  

  • According to CU leave policy, If you are out sick one or more days,  and can't arrange your own substitutes and provide material, or provide other options for students, you will need to use your accumulated sick time.   At this point you can also apply for FAMLI.  If you are approved for FAMLI, the leave team will send you instructions on how much FAMLI will cover and how much sick time you will use while you are away from work.  Regular faculty and graduate student should contact to notify them of any sick time they are taking.  Before you notify the leave team regarding sick leave, contact the department business manager and chair to discuss pro-rating sick leave based on teaching percentage, actual time missed, etc.

  • The leave team will send faculty taking leave information on how to record sick leave taken. When recording sick leave taken, a 100% faculty member should record 40 hours total per week (Sunday - Saturday).  If a faculty member works some hours during the week, they should subtract those hours from the sick hours they record.  Graduate students on a 50% appointment should record 20 hours total per week (Sunday - Saturday). 

  • Contact the GSLL business manager for your accumulated sick leave balance. Faculty members can also email Arts and Sciences directly at More information can be found here.

  • You may be eligible for FAMLI (Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program) leave.  FAMLI is partial wage replacement.  Faculty and graduate students on appointment who are eligible for FAMLI may be able to supplement with accrued sick leave for full pay.  Contact

  • If you will be absent for more than 3 consecutive days, please notify and they will send you FMLA paperwork for job protection. Please notify that you are taking sick leave and request FAMLI leave (if applicable).  Contact the department chair, program head and business manager if you will be out for more than a week and need course substitutions.  

  • CU has a leave sharing program you might be eligible to apply for. 

  • If you are injured on the job, you should report to Risk Management.  See the workers’ compensation webpage.