The elective courses are a list of courses taught by affiliated faculty in their home departments. New and unlisted seminars related to critical theory will be reviewed by the executive committee on an ad hoc basis.

Students may submit a request to the director to recognize courses not listed below by submitting a copy of the current syllabus.

Some of elective courses currently available are:

Name Descriptions
ANTH 5785 Advanced Seminar in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 7010 Seminar: Contemporary Theory in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 7620 Seminar: Ethnography and Cultural Theory
ARTF 5004 Topics in Film Theory
ARTF 5604 Colloquium in Film Aesthetics
ARTH 6929 Seminar: Theories of Art History
COMM 6010 Communication Research and Theory
COMM 6320 Rhetorical Theory
COMM 6360 Social and Cultural Theory
COML 5610 Introduction to Literary Theory (inactive as of 2017)
ENGL 5019 Survey of Contemporary Literary Theory
ENGL 7489 Advanced Literary Theory
ENVS 5001 Environmental Philosophy (now ENVS 5240/PHIL 5240)
ENVS 5240 Environmental Philosophy ( same as PHIL 5240)
FREN 5445 Literary Theory, Part I 
GEOG 5100 Social Theory
GEOG 5632 Development Geography
GEOG 6742 Cultural Geography
HIST 6414 Readings in European Intellectual History
HIST 6540 Readings in Cultural History and Theory (was HIST 6546)
HIST 6546 Readings in Cultural History and Theory (now HIST 6540)
HIST 7326 Seminar: US Intellectual History
JOUR 6051 Theories of Mass Communication (now MDST 6051)
JOUR 6071 Critical Theories of Media and Culture (now MDST 6071)
JOUR 7011 Proseminar in Communication Theory 1 (now MDST 7011)
JOUR 7021 Proseminar in Communication Theory 2 (now MDST 7021)
LING 6320 Linguistic Anthropology
LING 7320 Narrative and Identity
LING 7350 Language and Gender in Cultural Perspective
LING 7360 Language and Sexuality (inactive as of 2018)
LING 7420 Syntactic Theory
MDST 6051 Media Theories (was JOUR 6051)
MDST 6071 Critical Theories of Media and Culture (was JOUR 6071)
MDST 7011 Proseminar in Media Communication Theory 1
MDST 7021 Proseminar in Media and Communication Theory 2
PHIL 5110 Contemporary Moral Theory
PHIL 5200 Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL 5240 Environmental Philosophy (same as PHIL 5240)
PHIL 5300 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 5490 Philosophy of Language
PSCI 7004 Seminar: Political Theory
PSYC 7765 Readings and Research in Cognitive Science
SOCY 5201 Graduate Seminar in Sociological Theory
SOCY 6061 Modern Marxist Social Theory (inactive as of 2020)
SOCY 7036 Feminist Theory
SPAN 5130 Seminar: Critical Approaches to Hispanic Literature
THTR 5010 Introduction to Performance Studies
WGST 6090 Feminist Theories