1. Log in to mycuinfo and click the CU Resources tab
2. Under “Boulder Slate” click on “Faculty Grad Evaluation”
3. Click on the folder "Reader: Applications by Populations” (it should have a yellow bell next to it with the number of available applications)
4. Applications can be accessed in your Queue
5. Click on the applicant
6. Click on the grey button that says “Review Form / Sent to Bin” to access the review form: rank each applicant and enter your comments


If you need access to an application after you have reviewed, you can see application in Reader, Recent.  You can also search for the application by name.  If you are still unable to view application, exit Slate (left hand side), click on reader icon (top row, image of a book w open pages).

The very last tab on the side panel should say “Review Forms”—this is where you can look at all of the comments that are presently submitted by yourself and others.

Graduate Faculty Guide to Slate Reader