GSLL is committed to providing educational opportunities for a diverse range of applicants regardless of their financial situations.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the fee waiver provided by the Graduate School at CU Boulder (Go to Graduate Application FAQs website,  under "Submit Application and Fee Payment" section, click on “Are fee waivers accepted? How do I request one?”), you can still request a fee waiver from GSLL if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are not eligible for the CU Boulder Graduate School fee waiver.
  • You intend to apply for either the Ph.D., MA or MBA program in German Studies.
  • You are applying to enroll in the fall semester.
  • You meet the admission requirements for the program you apply to.
  • The application fee is a financial hardship AND/OR you are a first-generation college student.
  • You are currently residing in the U.S., or are a U.S. resident/citizen living outside the U.S. and eligible for the domestic application fee rate.

You must request this fee waiver BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION in order for GSLL to pay the application fee on your behalf. 

We are not asking for any explanation of your financial hardship or documentation of the above conditions. We trust you to judge for yourself whether you fulfill these criteria.

To request that GSLL pay the graduate application fee, send an email Graduate Associate Chair for German.  You must request the fee waiver BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION, stating, “I am ineligible for the CU Boulder Graduate School application waiver and meet the other criteria for GSLL to pay my application fee.” This request will not impact your application in any way. Please request your waiver as soon as possible.