The requirements for a minor in German Studies are 19 hours (with grades of C- or above). Completion of the following courses is required:

I.          German Language (10 hours minimum above the 2010 level)
GRMN 2020 Intermediate German 2 or 4 or
GRMN 2030 Intensive Intermediate German 5 hrs.
GRMN 3010 Advanced German 1** 3 hrs.
GRMN 3020 Advanced German 2** 3 hrs.

** Upon completion of GRMN 3020, students have the option of taking the Goethe Institut sponsored exam Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

II.          German Culture & Literature (9 hours)

3 courses taught in German at the 3000 or 4000 – level. One upper-division German course taught in English may replace one of these courses.

GRMN 3030 Business German 3 hrs.
GRMN 3110 German Lit. from the Avante-garde to the Postmodern 3 hrs.
GRMN 3120 German Literature from the Enlightenment to Expressionism 3 hrs.
GRMN 3130 Philosophy and Literature 3 hrs.
GRMN 3140 Current Issues in German Literature 3 hrs.
GRMN 3150 Politics and Literature 3 hrs.
GRMN 3520 Open Topics in the Cultural Context 3 hrs.
GRMN 4220 Reading German Cities 3 hrs.
GRMN 4330 The Age of Goethe 3 hrs.
GRMN 4340 Seminar in German Literature 3 hrs.
GRMN 4550 Senior Seminar* 3 hrs.

* = core course

Students may not apply more than 9 hours of transfer credit (including 6  upper division credits) towards the minor. Transfer courses must be approved by the Department.

A&S Policy on Enrollment in Undergraduate Language Courses