There are still some travel restrictions in place in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Check out CU's Coronavirus Travel Guidance. (Where campus-specific guidance is more restrictive than CU System procedures, you are responsible for following campus guidance.)

No Outside Internet Airfare Bookings

Among the COVID-related travel restrictions that continue to be in effect (as outlined on the PSC Updates Related to the Coronavirus-Travel website) is the restriction on outside internet airfare bookings. External internet airfare purchases are not allowable during the coronavirus health crisis. All University-related travel must be booked through the University’s travel management program: either online in the Concur Travel & Expense System or through a travel agent with Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). This allows us to monitor your travel location and provide assistance if you encounter a health, emergency, or security issue – especially important during situations such as the current coronavirus situation. If you book CU business travel through the internet during this time – March 13, 2020 through the end of the travel restrictions period (as announced by the PSC) – you will not be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket airfare bookings. Questions? Contact

If you are traveling internationally, you can check this website for restrictions in the countries you are traveling to, including connections.  (Website provided by C. Travel, Oct 2021.)

Seek approval to travel from the department chair (via email). 

Approval for international travel is now required prior to booking the trip. (Click on link for instructions on how to request approval.)  As of January 2020, travelers can now book international travel through Concur (and not have to pay the Christopherson booking fee).  You will still need to obtain approval first, and will need to include your approved request ID # when you book international airfare through Concur.  As of November 2021, travelers will also need to answer a list of questions before their international travel will be approved.  See this website for details.

CU International Travel Policy (Sept 2015)

CU Information on International Travel

When you return, submit the Travel Reimbursement form.

Conference registration fees can be paid with A-Card.

Book trip online through Concur Travel & Expense or through a travel agent at  Christopherson Business Travel  (travelers booking through Concur Travel will still have the support of Christopherson Business Travel).  When booking online through Concur, you will need to choose the default CU ghost card as payment and approve your itinerary.  On the last screen, they will ask you for your speedtype (see Karen for speedtype). Give Karen's contact info to travel agent as the approver (so they will send a copy of your itinerary to the department).

If you are purchasing an airline ticket on your own (not through Concur or Christopherson Business Travel-CBT), you will need to get a higher quote through Concur Travel *before* you purchase your own airfare.   If the Concur/CBT quote is lower than what price though outside vendor is, you will need to book through Concur or CBT - you will not be reimbursed if your quote is lower.  Quote must be for the same routing, dates and general times (within approx. one hour).  If you do not receive a quote from Concur Travel before you purchase through an outside vendor, your airfare reimbursement may not be approved.

Lodging and ground transportation  can be paid with CU Corporate Liability Travel Card (if traveler does not have a corporate liability travel card, these expenses can be paid directly by traveler and submitted for reimbursement after the trip). 

Meals and incidentals should be paid for directly by traveler and can be reimbursed after travel (no receipts needed). 

See Information from CU's Risk Management on International Travel:

Cash Advance for Travel

DIA Parking

Per Diem Rates

Currency Converter

CU Procurement Center Travel Information