Elisa Riga
Ph.D. candidate
German Program

McKenna 227

Elisa Riga holds a BA from the university of Liège in Belgium (ULG) and an MA from the Johns Hopkins University. For her Bachelors, she double-majored in English and German literatures at the ULG, and also completed coursework at the university of Göttingen in Germany. Her graduate studies at JHU and CU Boulder have included work on Viennese modernism, critical theory and theories of translation. Riga has conducted research on German literary romanticism, realism and early modernism, allowing her to develop, in parallel, an interest for theory, such as psychoanalysis, French deconstruction and feminism. She is passionate about making social issues a core of literary and theoretical analysis. In 2017, she organized an Anti-conference: Resisting the Reproduction of Privilege, a Biennial German graduate conference at JHU.