Course waitlists can be set up to automatically prioritize students by class, major, minor, and college.  If you would like to have this done for your course, please contact the administrative assistant.  This is done for the actual course, and cannot be changed each time the course is offered.


If a course is not at room capacity and there is a waitlist, faculty have the option of:

  1. doing nothing, in which case students will roll in automatically off the waitlist as other students drop the course;
  2. asking the department staff to add students into their course from the waitlist.


ONLY if a faculty member chooses to have students added from the waitlist, he/she must observe the following policy:

  1. Before the add deadline, without the instructor’s signature (usually the first eight days of the semester): The faculty member must e-mail the administrative assistant a prioritized list of students on the waitlist and the maximum number of students the faculty member would like to have added to the course.  The administrative assistant will then add students into the course according to this prioritization.
  2. After the add deadline, without instructor’s signature, but before a faculty signature is required (usually after 2 ½ weeks into the semester): If a faculty member wishes to add students at this point, he/she must e-mail the administrative assistant a list of students on the waitlist that should be added if room capacity allows this. He/she should also indicate the maximum total enrollment of the course, if this enrollment limit is different from room capacity.  Each student will have to come to the department office to be added to the course, and will be asked to present a photo ID. Students will be added off the list provided by the faculty member on a first-come, first-served basis, rather than according to prioritization.   If staff members no longer have access to register students, they will give students a Special Action Form to take to the Registrar’s Office.  Staff members will sign this form on behalf of the faculty member if they have received e-mail permission from the faculty member to add the student.


Faculty should copy the program assistant in all e-mails sent to the administrative assistant concerning adding students.  This will enable the program assistant to add students in the event that the administrative assistant is out of the office.


GSLL will no longer administratively drop students for non-attendance.  It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course from his/her schedule.

October 2009

GSLL Policies & Procedures