Card can be used for travel expenses (hotel, car rental, ground transportation, etc.).

Do not use card for meals – meals are still reimbursed at the per diem rate. (Note: meals are allowed to be charged to the travel card, but you will not be reimbursed the difference between the per diem rate and the daily amount spent if you don’t spend the maximum allotted per day. Employees who go over the per diem rate will need to reimburse the university that amount. I think it will be easier for all involved if we do not use the travel card for meals or incidentals.)

University pays the credit card bill directly. (Employee must submit all receipts to Karen.)

See Karen for travel card application.


Take the “Travel and Travel Card” Training:

1. Go to MyCUInfo (

2. Click on the CU Resources tab

3.  Click on "Training" (left hand side)

4. Click on “Start Skillsoft" (Note: I had to use Internet Explorer to log on to Skillsoft).

5. Search for “Travel

6. Select the “Travel and Travel Card” training

7.   Take the course and take the quiz (you will need at least 80% on the quiz to pass the class).