GSLL Check Out Computers

Check out laptops, iPads and other devices are available in file cabinet to use for teaching purposes. 

  • Please check out entire computer package/case - do not remove or borrow individual items like power sources or adaptors out of case.
  • Please note what items you borrowed (or returned) on clipboard at file cabinet or using one of the online forms below. 
  • Please make sure to LOG OUT AND TURN OFF borrowed computer and include all cables/adapators when you return items to file cabinet.

Computer check out form

Computer check in form

Using a Computer Off Campus

Ordering New Computer Devices

  • Contact administrative assistant to order a new computer.
  • Faculty should take new laptops/iPads to OIT  to have the laptops registered and to get a security tag.  
  • You can ask OIT to set up your laptop to print to GSLL copier. We can also provide instructions if you prefer to do this yourself. You will need copier model and IP address.
  • Send the administrative assistant the computer make and model, manufacturer's serial number, security tag number, and Mac address for our inventory records. This information is helpful  for tracking if computer is lost or stolen. 

Finding Computer "MAC" address (for Mac and PC)

A computer's "MAC" address is a 12 digit number with every 2 digits or numbers being separated by commas or colons. By giving this number to the police they may be able to see if the computer is being used on the campus network. (format looks like 58:01:b2:89:b3:09)

Note:  Both PCs and Mac computers have a "MAC" address.

Here are the general instructions to find your computer's MAC address:

For a MAC:

                -go to System Preferences under the apple


                -built in Ethernet (may need to go to advanced button to find)

                -Ethernet ID is the MAC address. Might also be listed as wifi address if format is the same.


For an iPad:

                -in settings icon

                -go to general

                -Go to About

                (-see the entry with WiFi address and this should be your MAC address)


For a PC:

                -go to start

                -type in CMD – return

                -type in ipconfig/all

                -look for Ethernet land connection


                or try this:


                -all programs


                -system tools

                -system information

                -go to components (expand)

                -go to network (expand)

                -click on wireless network adapter


If all else fails, call OIT at 5-HELP (303-735-HELP) for assistance.