Book trip online through Concur Travel & Expense or through a travel agent at  Christopherson Business Travel  (travelers booking through Concur Travel will still have the support of Christopherson Business Travel).  When booking online through Concur, you will need to choose the default CU ghost card as payment and approve your itinerary.  On the last screen, they will ask you for your speedtype (see Karen for speedtype). Give Karen's contact info to travel agent as the approver (so they will send a copy of your itinerary to the department).  If you have a CU Travel Card, the airfare charge will most likely be applied to your travel card.  You will need to submit the online travel card form after your trip.

NOTE:  outside airfare does not quality for reimbursement, so this section does not apply unless you are travling to a place where CBT is unable to purchas ea ticket for you.  Exemptions may also be made for travel purchased within a country or area outside the U.S.  Exceptions must be approved in advance.  If you are purchasing an airline ticket on your own (not through Concur or Christopherson Business Travel-CBT), you will need to get a higher quote through Concur Travel *before* you purchase your own airfare.   If the Concur/CBT quote is lower than what price though outside vendor is, you will need to book through Concur or CBT - you will not be reimbursed if your quote is lower.  Quote must be for the same routing, dates and general times (within approx. one hour).  If you do not receive a quote from Concur Travel before you purchase through an outside vendor, your airfare reimbursement may not be approved.