Beverly Weber
Professor • Associate Director of Graduate Studies, Jewish Studies • Faculty in Jewish Studies • Associate Faculty of Gender and Women's Studies • Affiliate Faculty of Ethnic Studies and Film Studies • Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, German
German Program

Office: McKenna 221

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Beverly Weber's research and teaching interests include the intersections of race, gender, and migration in Germany and Europe; comparative studies of racialization; digital activism; contemporary visual cultures; contemporary German literature and culture; and Islam in Europe.  Her interdisciplinary work is informed by transnational feminist cultural studies frameworks, with a current focus on theories of precarity and intimacy; and incorporates analysis of popular media, literature, and film.

Her first book, Violence and Gender in the “New” Europe: Islam in German Culture, examines how current thinking about Islam and gender violence prohibits the intellectual inquiry necessary to act against a range of forms of violence. It then analyzes ways in which Muslim women participate in the public sphere by thematizing violence in literature, art, and popular media. 

Her current project explores the entanglements of racialized histories and European discourses of rights in contemporary culture. She is also working on another project with Maria Stehle examining representations of intimacy and Europeanness in contemporary film.

She received a PhD in Comparative Literature and a graduate certificate in Women's Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; MA degrees in Comparative Literature and German from the Pennsylvania State University; and a BA with majors in English and German from Gustavus Adolphus College.



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Frequently Taught Courses

  • German 5520: Current Issues in Literature and Media
    • Topics include: Islam in Europe, Representations of Violence, Cinema of Precarity
  • German 5010: Theory and Practice of German Studies
  • German 4301/4301: Gender, Race & Immigration in Germany and Europe
  • German 3514: German Film & Society after 1989
  • German 3513: German Film & Society from 1945 – 1989
  • German 2010: Representing the Holocaust


Graduate Student Theses Advised

PhD Theses

German Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Emily Frazier-Rath. In Progress.


Comparative Literature, University of Colorado Boulder

Petra Landfester. “How Should a Body Move: Turkish German Claims to Recognition in Architecture, Film and Literature.” 2012.


MA Theses

Kathryn Ficke. “Tracing an Absence of Jewish Survivors in DEFA Film, 1959 – 1965.” 2015.

Annalise Stovall. “FEMEN and Muslimah Pride: Locating Muslim Women in a German Landscape.” 2015. 

Melissa McCormick. “Postmodernism, Post‐Marxism, and Mass Media in Aras Ören’s Berlin Savignyplatz.” 2014.

Dillon Clayton. “Same-Sex Marriage and Germany: The Politics Surrounding Progressive Civil Rights Activism.” 2014.

Derek Taylor. “From Follower to Determiner: Ullrich Krause’s Emancipation within Oppressive Reality.” 2013.

Otha Barrow. “Reasserting Western Dominance: The Subjugating Discourse on Afghani Women.” 2013.

Marni Spott. “Racializing Islam: The Conceptualization of Race, Religion and Culture in Contemporary Germany.”  2012.

Katharina Carstens. “‘Spielt weiter, spielt doch weiter!’ Phantasien als kindliche Auseinandersetzung mit traumatischen Erlebnissen am Beispiel von Ilse Aichingers Die größere Hoffnung.” 2012.

Andrew Maurer. “The Once and Future Site of the US Embassy Berlin. A Discursive Analysis of Planning, Negotiation, and Reception.” 2011.

Damon Roberts.  “The Politics of Comedy: The Stand-up Comedy of Serdar Somuncu.” 2010.

Emily Utzerath. “Visibility and Normalization of Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Germany’s Public Sphere.” 2010.

Christina Herrmann.  “The Iranian Dilemma of Displacement and Suspension in German Literature.” 2010.

Petra Watzke.  “‘Howgh, ich habe gesprochen!’ German Literary Representations of Native American Ritual and Religion.” 2009.


Undergraduate Honors Theses

Caitlyn Zimmer, Women and Gender Studies. “The Portrayal of Queer Subjectivity in German Vampire Film.” 2014.

Lynnette Schweimler, International Affairs. “Human Rights Violations in Policies, Procedures, and Cases of Sexual Orientation Based Asylum Claims in Western Europe.” 2012.

Nathan Roberson, International Affairs. “Remaking French Public Policy:  How Rethinking the Hijab Debate Brings Us Closer to Equality.” 2011.

Allison Gibbs, International Affairs.  “The Bundeswehr in Afghanistan: A Test of Germany’s Strategic Culture.” 2010.