Berit Jany
German Program
(303) 492-6356

Office:  McKenna 234

M.A. Technische Universität Dresden, M.A. Ohio State University, Ph.D. Ohio State University

Berit Jany is the coordinator of the undergraduate German language program. She also serves as outreach organizer and tester for the “Goethe-Zertifikate”.

Main research and teaching interests:

SLA, Technology and Teaching, Proficiency and Assessment, German-Americana, Anabaptism and Pietism.

Recent publications

  • “Caught Between the Lines: The Fictionalization of Anabaptism in Novels of the Kulturkampf Era.” Journal of Mennonite Studies 35 (2017): 357-380.
  • “Community of Faithful Dissidents. Representations of Anabaptism in Swiss Historical Fiction by Walter Laedrach and Katharina Zimmermann.” Studia Theodisca 23 (2016): 53-70.
  • “Het pleidooi voor vrede in Menno Simons’ Dat fundament des christelycken leers (1539-40) en Erasmus.” Doopsgezinde bijdragen 42 (2016): 11-32.
  • “And Lights, Camera, Action: Toward Active German Language Learning Through Digital Media Production.” Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German 48 (2015): 244-254.
  • "United We Suffer: Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism and Twentieth-Century Auslandsdeutschtum in M. V. Rubatscher’s Das Lutherische Joggele.” Studia Austriaca 23 (2015): 65-86.
  •  “Coming Home: The Bruderhof Returns to Germany.” Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies 2 (2013): 31-47.
  • “The Gruber Family: Alms, Books and the New World.” Chloe 47 (2013): 117- 145.