Receipts from Amazon, etc. must show “University of Colorado” as either a billing or shipping address.  (Okay to have items shipped to home, just make sure the billing address shows “University of Colorado” – you can use the department address as the billing address.) 

As of February 1, 2016, the state of Colorado is charging tax on all Amazon purchases.  You should set up your CU Amazon account as tax exempt.  You should still check your order prior to placing it as some of the smaller/more obscure vendors that Amazon does not “fulfill” may not automatically recognize your tax exempt status.  In order to set up your own account as tax exempt, follow the steps below.  Note:  I don’t think their system will allow you to have some purchases be tax exempt and others not, so if you make both personal and business purchases, you might want to create two accounts.


1.  Log into your account

2.  Scroll down to “Settings”

3.  Go to “Amazon Tax Exemption Program”

4.  Select Get Started

5.  Select Colorado

6.  Select Educational, then Continue

7.  Fill in the certificate with “University of Colorado Boulder”, then “University”, use our campus box and address, then include yourself as the certificate signer, along with title (faculty is fine)

8.  You must include the last four numbers of your Driver’s License – as well as the state (they say this is to avoid fraudulent tax exemption requests)

9.  They also require your phone number – University line is fine - (You MUST use the dashes in between, for example 303-492-2632)

10.  Select “Colorado Tax Exemption”

11.  Include the Tax Exempt Number printed on the card – mine is 98-02565 – I believe yours is the same.

12.  Select that you are using a “Purchasing Card”

13.  Review the information

14.  Sign your name via mouse

15.  Accept the terms.