Published: Nov. 1, 2018
Ann-Kristin Wallengren guest lecturing on Ingmar Bergman

The Nordic program at Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures joined in the world-wide celebration of the work of  Swedish film and theater director Ingmar Bergman on October 17. Guest lecturer Ann-Kristin Wallengren, professor in film studies and dean of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Religious Studies at Lund University in Sweden, spoke to an audience of CU students, faculty and community members about Bergman’s film production. Professor Wallengren gave a brief overview of the place of Swedish film in world film history and proceeded to present Bergman’s many contributions to this shared heritage. She focused on Bergman’s skillful use of film music to transmit story details and elicit affect and illustrated with film clips from classics, such as  Autumn Sonata, Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries. The audience had opportunity to meet and ask professor Wallengren questions at a reception after the presentation.


The event was in support of the course work for in the Swedish DILS language classes SWED 2010 and SWED 3010, which includes a unit on Ingmar Bergman and other classic Swedish films. The event was made possible through the generous support of our sponsors; Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA), Swedish Institute (SI) and CU ALTEC.