Published: May 10, 2017

russian Club - international festivalThe CU Russian Club had an exciting and successful year of activities and events, facilitated by the club’s student director Colin Grushkin, and co-directors Dulguun Baatarkhuyag, Anton Esaulkov and Ty Miller. As always, the club hosted regular planning meetings, in addition to contributing to annual GSLL programs such as the Russian Film Series and Russian Culture Week. The Russian Club also hosted several special events over the course of the year, beginning with a collaboration with the German and Nordic clubs in October, celebrating the role of the potato in the cultural traditions of Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. In February, the club held its annual celebration of the Russian Maslenitsa festival, which included traditional Russian food, and instruction in Maslenitsa-related songs, dances and games by Russian faculty Laura Olson Osterman and Galina Siergiejczyk. Finally, the Russian Club participated in CU’s annual International Festival in April, introducing the campus community to aspects of Russian culture, and culminating a busy and exciting year.