Published: Aug. 15, 2016
Don Quixote windmills

German PhD student Maggie Rosenau curated the exhibit Shakespeare and Cervantes: Two Geniuses and One Death Date, which will be on display alongside More Things in Heaven and Earth: Science in the Time of Shakespeare at Special Collections in Norlin library through December 2016. The exhibits compliment the First Folio! and the campus-wide Shakespeare at CU celebration.

Cervantes’ masterpiece, Don Quixote, is hailed as the most influential work in the Spanish literary canon and its widespread influence helped solidify the modern Spanish language. Don Quixote is also recognized as the first modern novel in the Western literary tradition.

The illustration depicts the famous scene in which Don Quixote attacks a windmill he mistakes for a giant. 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, Don Quixote (En Madrid: Por Don Joachin Ibarra Impresor de Camera de S.M. y de la Real Academia, 1782). PQ6323 .A1 1782.