The final grade report should be submitted to assign a grade for credits which have been/will be assigned grade of IP.  This includes doctoral dissertation hours, master’s thesis hours, music thesis projects, art practices creative thesis hours, practicum courses, projects, etc.*

The final grade for thesis or dissertation hours should be assigned after the defense is successfully completed and the final copy of the thesis or dissertation is accepted by the examination committee.  The final grade for thesis or dissertation hours submitted via this report will be assigned to all instances of such registration.

For other types of projects and practicum credits, the grade may be submitted upon completion of the individual course or credit hours and the grade on the form will be assigned to the listed semester(s) of registration only.

Departmental staff should enter the name and e-mail address of the instructor of record for the credit(s), along with the student’s information and the course information as requested.  The form will be forwarded to the instructor of record.  

When the student has completed requirements for the credits listed (including defense and final copy of thesis if applicable), the instructor of record should assign a final grade and sign the form, selecting “finish” to submit.  The form will be forwarded to the Graduate School and the Office of the Registrar for posting on the student’s record.

*Please note: coursework with a grade of incomplete (I) should be assigned a grade via the Office of the Registrar’s electronic workflow for grade-change requests once the coursework is complete.  The final grade report is for dissertation/thesis/project hours where a grade of IP has been/will be assigned only.

For students intending to graduate in a given semester, please be aware of the posted deadline to submit grades for incomplete credits.

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