Programs may request to amend the duties of an approved and current Graduate Faculty Appointment with the approval of the department chair.  To change the appointment type or the end date (to extend an appointment), a new Graduate Faculty Appointment request should be made.


  • On the landing page below, select your program and the faculty rank or title from the previously approved GFA.

  • The Graduate Program Assistant or staff member should include their name and e-mail, the name and e-mail of the department chair, and the name of the individual for whom a Graduate Faculty Appointment is being requested. 

  • On the form, please include both the originally approved and new duties being requested in the box.  (Include all duties for the individual.) 

  • Please attach a current updated vita by clicking the attachments box. Due to HLC guidelines, if the individual does not hold the terminal degree in the field, you must attach a second document.  This should include relevant general information about the program and should explain the ways in which equivalent experience has been established for this individual. This must be included even if the individual has previously held a graduate faculty appointment.

Detailed instructions here.

Please complete the following information:

Department Staff

Department Chair

Individual Requested for Membership