Christina Alston Headshot
Director • Faculty Affiliate, School of Education
Colorado Diversity Initiative

Dr. Christina Alston is a distinguished science educator with almost two decades of experience in advancing STEM education and fostering diversity. Currently the director of the Colorado Diversity Initiative and faculty affiliate in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder, Dr. Alston oversees initiatives aimed at cultivating belongingness among historically minoritized and marginalized STEM graduate students. She possesses a PhD & MS in Education, with a focus on Urban Education, from the University of Houston and a BS in Biomedical Science for Texas A&M – Corpus Christi. Her research delved into the Racial Battle Fatigue of Black females who left the field of science, contributing to the field of equity in education. Recognized for her dedication and service, Dr. Alston has received several accolades, including the Pre-College Engineering Education Meritorious Service Award in 2022 from the American Society for Engineering Education.