For review and decision purposes you are required to upload an unofficial copy of your transcript(s) in the online application. We require one copy of the scanned transcript from each undergraduate and graduate institution that you attended. This includes community colleges, summer sessions, and extension programs. While credits from one institution may appear on the transcript of a second institution, transcripts must be submitted from each institution, regardless of the length of attendance, and whether or not courses were completed. For all international academic work, you must provide the original, native language version of both the transcript and, separately, the degree document, as well as a certified English translation of those documents.

Upload Instructions 

  • Obtain an electronic version of your unofficial transcript, or scan a copy of a transcript, at the lowest dpi that results in a legible document (we recommend to use 200dpi or fewer when possible, and to scan in grayscale or black and white).
  • If the scanned copy is too large, make a photocopy of the transcript first and then scan the photocopy.
  • You must ensure that your name, the institution name, and other identifying marks are not illegible, missed or cut off during the scanning process. 
  • You must include the transcript legend (usually this is the back page of the transcript).
  • Be sure to redact or mark out your Social Security Number on all documents except for the last four digits.
  • Do not mark or alter your transcript except to mark out all but the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Your document must be able to print on letter size paper (8 ½ x 11). Ensure that your dimensions are set accordingly.
  • You must rotate any pages of your transcript which were scanned sideways or upside down before you submit it. Transcripts with pages which are sideways or upside down will not be accepted.
  • Make one compiled transcript PDF for each institution you attended, even if it includes multiple pages, translations, a legend, degree certificate, or diploma. Please keep your transcript pages in order. The size of each PDF compilation cannot exceed 1.5MB (1,500KB).
  • Do not include any syllabi or extraneous documents in your compiled PDF(s).
  • Preview your PDF for image quality ​before you upload it, to ensure that the document is complete and readable. After you upload the PDF, you may preview the image again to be sure it uploaded properly.
  • Upload each complete PDF on the Academic History page of the application, under the Unofficial Transcript section.
  • Secure PDFs and non-legible scans are not acceptable. If your document is not legible, the processing of your application will be delayed. Do not mail in a copy of a transcript as this will create processing delays!
  • Do not upload a degree audit instead of an unofficial transcript, as this will not be processed. Only unofficial transcripts will be accepted.
  • Only upload transcripts in the appropriate section – failure to do so will result in processing delays.

Revised 12/13/17