Published: May 1, 2022


CU Boulder Graduate School Dean Scott Adler

I want to take this opportunity to personally congratulate all our professional, master’s and doctoral students receiving degrees. You've done it—and we at the Graduate School team are extremely proud of all that you have accomplished. We are honored to count you among our esteemed graduates. 

Undoubtedly, you have worked extremely hard for this outstanding academic achievement. Your perseverance and grit have been demonstrated countless times during the last several years as you have confronted and triumphed over challenges on a local, national and global scale. Added to these are the monumental personal challenges that all of you have met and overcome.  

This year’s graduating students have achieved astounding things, showcased by the numerous awards, prestigious research grants and fellowships that recognize your unique discoveries, bold creative works, and outstanding teaching abilities. 

As you transition from being a Grad Buff to becoming a Forever Buff, my hope is that you extend your academic curiosity and further use your newly honed skills for even greater accomplishments—for yourself, your community, the nation and the world, all of which need your vision, talent and energy.  

On behalf of the University of Colorado Boulder, I wish you heartfelt congratulations on your new degree, and my best wishes for the many exciting ways that you will use it in the decades to come. 

Best wishes,

E. Scott Adler
Dean of the Graduate School
Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs