Not satisfied with just knowing the what, but want to know why?  We invite you to explore deeply into the various processes that are continuously changing our planet and what that can mean to modern societies.  Using real data and case studies, you will test ideas about how the earth works, and get an introduction to the current problems geoscientists are working on. The course is specifically designed for geology and other science, technology, and engineering majors. Example of the types of questions we will pursue include:

•       What do we know about the different layers deep within the Earth if we cannot drill to them? 
•       Why are mineral and water resources not distributed equally across the globe? How do we know if there is gold or water in a rock?
•       It is possible to predict when a volcano or earthquake will occur to the day?
•       How can we use various data sources, such as maps and modeling, to research into Earth’s past, present, and future? 

Course Description

Studies Earth, its materials, its characteristics, its dynamic processes, and how it relates to people.  This course is an introductory geology course suitable for geology and other STEM majors.  Like GEOL 1010, but taught at a higher intellectual level with a greater amount of quantitative analysis.  Separate lab (GEOL 1030) is recommended.