University of Buffalo

Ewa Plonowska Ziarek is Julian Park Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Buffalo. She is the author of Feminist Aesthetics and the Politics of  Modernism (Columbia 2012); An Ethics of Dissensus: Feminism, Postmodernity, and the Politics of Radical Democracy (Stanford 2001); The Rhetoric of Failure: Deconstruction of Skepticism, Reinvention of Modernism (SUNY, 1995);  the editor of Gombrowicz’s Grimaces and co-editor, among others, of Revolt, Affect, Collectivity: The Unstable Boundaries of Kristeva's Polis (SUNY 2005);  Time for the Humanities (Fordam, 2008) and Intermedialities: Philosophy, Art, Politics (Rowman & Littlefield 2010). Her interdisciplinary research interests include feminist political theory, modernism, feminist philosophy, ethics, and critical race theory. She is currently working on a book devoted to Hannah Arendt.

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