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Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Motherhood

By Mary Thompson»»» Is “third wave feminism” a useful concept for understanding the biopolitics of neoliberalism? This essay critically explores the celebration of reproductive “choice” by self-identified third wave feminists through a consideration of the racial and racist history of the term “breeder,” the title of Lavender and Gore’s 2001 collection of motherhood narratives.

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The Biggest Thing Is, It’s the End of Gender in Society

By Ellen Rooney »»» The “biggest thing” is always a matter of debate and never more than when it involves the apparent death of something or the debut of something new. Gender seems, at the moment, to be a thing that is both old and new, coming to an end and very big, paradoxically attached both to apocalyptic threats and the startlingly utopian. My essay negotiates this uneven terrain by means of five propositions, all of them formulated in what might be considered an emphatic idiom.