I am the wife of my college sweetheart and mom of twins. I strive to be my authentic self.

.Foothills Community Park April 1 2021

Fun facts

  • My first name and last name are the same in English. However, in Chinese, they are represented by distinct characters with different tones and meanings. My last name 刘 is quite common in China, while my first name 柳 translates to "willow," akin to the tree.
  • In a Humans of New York feature, when a photographer approached me and inquired about what was on my mind, I replied: "I'd like to design algorithms to apply machine learning to quantitative market research." At the time, I was a nerdy and innocent computer scientist who had just started a PhD in Marketing due to serendipity, with very limited knowledge of the marketing field. Perhaps that's still the case.
  • A group of friends and I co-founded a karaoke house called KBox. It is the first Asian-style Karaoke house in Pittsburgh and is located at 214 S Craig St, near CMU. Please give it a try if you are visiting Pittsburgh. Singing in a private setting with friends is an absolute delight!