Artifical Intelligence

Research Assistantship Opening

  • There are several Ph.D. openings in our LINCD group.
    • The research direction is machine learning aided communications and AI.
    • You are encouraged to apply through our Ph.D. program
    • and you may also send me a brief email highlighting your qualification and CV at with a subject starting with Ph.D. Applicant. Due to the number of emails, I will not be able to reply.
    • I cannot access your application before the application deadline. But your email will help me pay special attention to your application.
FAQ for Graduate Program Applicants
  • Why should I apply to the LINCD Research Aera of ECEE Dept. at CU Boulder?
    1. We have a great combination of practical and theoretical expertise in the group. We aim for high quality research, not high quantity research.
    2. Plus, there are 300+ days of sun shine a year here. Yet, you don't have to have Air Conditioning. Inside Rocky Mountain, there are beautiful forest and lakes.
    3. Boulder is often ranked the best place to live in US.
  • How can I get financial aid?
    • You need to apply and then we will evaluate your application.
    • We will try to support all Ph.D. students. Therefore, most of the time, we only admit Ph.D. students when we have funding.
  • Should I email professors?
    • If you consider yourself highly qualified, you can email professors with subject similar to "Ph.D. applicant: No. 2/37, Univ. No. 1, Dept. No. 1(est)." You may not get a reply due to the large number of emails that we receive. But you will surely receive our attention. 
  • How do I enhance my chance of getting admitted and financial aid?
    • Admission and Financial aid is based on your past achievement. All you can do now is to prepare a good application when you apply. 
      • Include a resume in the application. Clearly state your class and school ranking
      • In addition to your official transcripts, prepare a categorized list of major courses such as Math, DSP, ... In addition to your original scores, also translate your scores to A, B, C, D in the scale of 4 and explain the translation standard.
      • Make your Statement of Purpose short. Highlight your past achievement and your future interest. You want to communicate to the reader the information during a quick review of your statement.
  • What kinds of financial aid are available?
    • Only RAs are available.
  • I have been admitted without financial aid. What should I do to get financial aid?
    • Congratulations! If you join us and show great performance, you may be supported by a professor who has funding through mutual selection. Be aware that the probability is not high. Most students graduate with M.S. through their own funds.