Principal Investigator

J Korak

Dr. Julie Korak

Assistant Professor
Dr. Julie Korak is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering. Dr. Korak has an interdisciplinary background in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and she is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado.

Graduate Students


Leah Flint

M.S. Student
Leah is a M.S. student in the Environmental Engineering program. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2015 at the University of Rochester and currently works for the Bureau of Reclamation. Leah’s current research focuses on selenium and hexavalent chromium removal from impacted water sources and residuals management.

Juliette Kaplan

M.S. Student
Juliette is an M.S. student in the Environmental Engineering program. She completed her bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering in 2018 at the University of Colorado Boulder. Juliette is working with a local municipality and consulting firm to conduct bench- and pilot- treatment studies to support the design of a new water treatment plant. Her research focus is to investigate the use of fluorescence to model DOC removal by coagulation.

Ayush Raj Shahi

PhD Student
Ayush is pursuing his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering focusing on Arsenic Treatment in drinking water for small scale communities and is a Mortenson Center in Global Engineering Research Fellow. He graduated with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico in July 2019. He did his bachelor’s in civil engineering from Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Landon Watts

PhD Student
Landon is an Environmental Engineering Ph.D. student studying nitrate treatment for contaminated aquifers in the southwestern United States. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy at California State University Long Beach in 2019.

Group Alumni


Nadia Jorgenson

B.S. Student
Nadia is an undergraduate student in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department participating in the 2019 CU SPUR program. Her research focuses on the selective removal of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) using using novel adsorbents and ion exchange materials. The research goal is to increase capacity and selectivity for Cr(VI) removal in challenging groundwaters.
M. Warren

Melanie Warren

M.S. Student
Melanie graduated in May 2019 with a M.S. in Environmental Engineering (and received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering at CU Boulder in May of 2017). Her research focused on analyzing the water quality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and characterizing the challenges with lead and copper sampling protocol for drinking water distribution systems. In her spare time she likes to practice yoga, snowboard, and travel on outdoor adventures.