Since coming to Boulder in 2001, I have taught an array of undergraduate and graduate courses that have as their focus the relationship between language and society. I welcome students to my classes who are engaged, hard working, and willing to learn, regardless of level, discipline, background, or experience. My goal as a teacher is to assist students with the projects that they are passionate about, introducing them to theoretical perspectives, empirical studies, and methodological strategies that will illuminate the topics they have chosen to study. I view teaching first and foremost as a collaborative enterprise. I am always learning from my students and adapting my courses to keep current with the latest developments in research.

I am very pleased, and humbled, to have been awarded the University of Colorado’s ASSETT Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award in 2013, the Boulder Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in 2009, and the Graduate School Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in 2004. I am currently serving as one of 14 ASSETT Faculty Teaching Fellows selected from across the university. Fellows act as mentors and liaisons for two years in their home departments to improve the undergraduate learning experience and to address needs related to teaching, learning, and technology.

Below is a list of the undergraduate courses and graduate seminars that I have taught so far at CU Boulder.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Linguistics 1000: Language in US Society
  • Linguistics 1000-880: Language in US Society Honors Recitation
  • Linguistics 1900: Literacy Practicum
  • Linguistics 2400: Language, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Linguistics 2400-880: Language and Gender Honors Recitation
  • Linguistics 3545: World Language Policies
  • Linguistics/Anthropology 4800: Language and Culture

Graduate Seminars

  • Linguistics 5570: Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics
  • Linguistics 6300: Sociolinguistic Analysis
  • Linguistics 6320/Anthropology 6320: Linguistic Anthropology
  • Linguistics 7530/Anthropology 5040: Language and Gender in Cultural Perspective
  • Linguistics 7800: Bad Words: Language, Censorship, and Profanity
  • Linguistics 7800: Contemporary Ethnographies of Language and Society
  • Linguistics 7800: Language and Globalization.
  • Linguistics 7800: Language and Sexuality
  • Linguistics 7800: Language in New Media
  • Linguistics 7800: Language in Time and Space
  • Linguistics 7800: Linguistic Hybridity
  • Linguistics 7800: Narrative and Identity
  • Linguistics 7800: Sociolinguistic Methods and Research Development
  • Linguistics 7800: Gender and Sexuality in Discourse and Society