First Edition

textbook coverRobert Erickson, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, 1996, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

This textbook represented an evolution in the view of power electronics as more than a mere collection of circuits; rather, it identified and taught fundamental concepts unique to power electronics. Averaged equivalent circuit modeling of power converters was developed systematically, beginning with dc models and progressing to small-signal ac models. Selected techniques of design-oriented analysis were incorporated, to teach how to apply the averaged models in practical situations. This book has been widely adopted at universities around the world, and also serves as a reference for practicing engineers.

Second Edition

Robert Erickson and Dragan Maksimovic, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, 2001, Springer Science+Business.

The textbook was revised to improve its flow. Substantial new material was added on converter simulation using averaged switch models, current mode control, input filter design and Middlebrook's extra element theorem, improved explanations of proximity losses and MMF diagrams, and soft switching.

Pspice library files, Appendix B

Third Edition

Robert Erickson and Dragan Maksimovic, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, expected 2017, Springer Science+Business.

A major revision and updating of the text is underway in 2016. This revision will include material as taught in two courses at the University of Colorado (ECEN5797 and ECEN5807), in the order currently taught. Major updates include the topics of current mode control, digital control, and design-oriented analysis.