Sabina Schill Sabina Schill, PhD candidate
Sabina is pursuing her PhD in environmental engineering with an engineering education focus. Her dissertation research is focused on the impacts of mentoring K12 students in STEM on the STEM identity of the mentors. Sabina was previously a GK-12 fellow, a Teaching Assistant in environmental engineering, and a Chancellor's Fellow for STEM Education at CU (2019/2020). She is currently an RA on a SEED grant from CU exploring the relationship of mentoring and identity on learning assistants (LA's), work in collaboration with Valerie Otero of CU's School of Education.


Joan Tisdale Joan Tisdale
Joan is pursuing her PhD in civil engineering with an engineering education and civil systems focus. Her dissertation research is focused on sustainability education in engineering. Linkedin page



Former Students

James Harper James Harper, P.E. (2020)
James earned his PhD in civil engineering with a civil systems / global engineering focus. His dissertation research focused on fecal sludge management in Cambodia, in collaboration with iDE. Co-advised by Amy Javernick-Will.  Website



Rebecca Komarek Rebecca Komarek (2020) 
Becky earned her PhD in civil engineering with a civil systems / engineering education research focus. Her dissertation studied leadership development in engineering students. She is the Assistant Director for the Idea Forge in the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. More information


MMaddie Polmearaddie Polmear (2019)
Maddie earned her PhD in civil engineering with an environmental and engineering education focus. Her dissertation research focused on macroethics education.  Maddie earned her BS in Environmental Engineering and MS in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has been involved in outreach projects in communities affected by oil and natural gas development. She has worked with community groups in Colorado and tribal students in North Dakota on citizen science projects relating to air and water quality monitoring. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida working with Prof. Denise Simmons. ResearchGate page


Beth Myers Beth Myers (2016)
Evaluating Admission Practices as Potential Barriers to Creating Equitable Access to Undergraduate Engineering Education. Awarded the WEPAN Leader in Engineering Education Award from the Women in Engineering ProActive Network in 2020. Currently: Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success Initiatives, University of Colorado Boulder. Formerly: Director of Accreditation and Assessment, College of Engineering & Applied Science. More information


Greg Rulifson Greg Rulifson, P.E. (2015)
Evolving Social Responsibility Understandings, Motivations, and Career Goals of Undergraduate Students Initially Pursuing Engineering Degrees. Currently: AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, US AID. Formerly: Lecturer, University of Maryland; Assistant Professor, Division of Engineering, Design, and Society, Colorado School of Mines. More information


Marissa Forbes Marissa Forbes (2015)
Course Choice Opportunity and Technical Non-Technical Balance in Undergraduate Engineering Education. Currently: Research Associate, School of Engineering, University of San Diego.


Nathan Canney Nathan Canney, P.E. (2013)
Assessing engineering students’ understanding of personal and professional social responsibility. Previous: Instructor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seattle University. Current: Structural Engineer, CYS Structural Engineers, Sacramento CA. Nathan's Google Scholar page


Malinda S. Zarske Malinda S. Zarske (2012)
Impacts of Project-Based Service-Learning on Attutides towards Engineering in High School and First-Year Undergraduate Students. Current: Senior Instructor and Assistant Director, Engineering Plus Program, College of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Colorado Boulder. Website