Published: July 1, 2018

As the newly elected Chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies, I hope to continue building on the visionary and pragmatic leadership of Dr. Rabaka and Dr. Maeda. I am deeply committed to continue building our Department of top tier scholars, teachers, students at both the undergraduate and doctoral levels, and community leaders. As a Department, we strive to provide the very best undergraduate training for our students to develop the necessary tools to gain admittance into top-tier graduate and professional programs and to become community leaders and bring their vision and knowledge of social justice to their professional lives. As the 4th doctoral program in Comparative Ethnic Studies, and the only one outside of California, our doctoral students are doing amazing original research and bringing new ideas and epistemic frames as they move through their course-work, prepare for their comprehensive examinations, defend their prospectus, work on their dissertations, and prepare and become successful or the job market.

As a Department, we are deeply honored that the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes our exceptional interdisciplinary and intersectional rigor and commitment to practicing “inclusive excellence” by appointing two of our tenured faculty to assist the College under the invigorating leadership of Dean White. We are all deeply proud that Dr. Hillary Potter and Dr. Daryl Maeda will be serving as Associate Deans in the College of Arts and Sciences. We are confident that they will help make the College and the University an exceptional learning space for our students and to build and foster deep seated cultures and practices of inclusive excellence for all faculty, staff and students.

These are truly exciting and energizing times to serve as a faculty at CU Boulder as it embarks on our “academic futures”, exciting changes to the general education requirements for all students at CU Boulder, and invigorating leadership. I am both humbled and inspired to serve as a faculty and Chair.

Respectfully y paz,

Arturo J. Aldama, PHD