aerosols in atmosphere

Aerosols in the atmosphere produce this spectacular sunrise in Boulder. They also affect air quality and global climate change.

The University of Colorado's Environmental Program encourages a concerted, multidisciplinary effort to diagnose local, regional and global environmental problems, analyze their underlying societal causes, and develop feasible solutions. It operates through the activities of the departments, institutes, programs, schools and colleges with environmental and related subjects. The Environmental Program fosters and incorporates a wide range of disciplines to encourage research and classroom instruction, and cooperative research and service. Students earn their degrees through the academic departments and perform research in several cooperating units (listed on our Affiliates pages), and should direct their inquiries about degree programs to the appropriate department. EP is also the focal point of a new research program on global health, which is an element of the Grand Challenges in Global Health Program sponsored by the Foundation for National Institutes of Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other organizations.


Environmental Program Organizational Chart (PDF)