This document is intended for contractors working on a job site within CU Boulder Campus. In short, Ballasts removed from fluorescent lights by Contractors during University of Colorado at Boulder projects must be evaluated to determine if they must be managed as PCB-containing materials. Ballasts manufactured after 1979 that do not contain PCB’s are labeled “No PCB’s”; if the ballast isn’t labeled, it should be assumed to contain PCB’s. Fluorescent bulbs that are confirmed to contain low mercury (i.e. with a green metal cap on the end or with green writing on the end) can be recycled (preferred) or trash disposed (municipal landfill). All other fluorescent bulbs must be collected, managed, and disposed of through a permitted waste disposal facility as a Universal Waste, in full compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

All other hazardous materials/wastes generated by the Project must similarly be managed and disposed of properly by the Contractor. Questions pertaining to material/waste management and disposal can be referred to the EH&S Hazardous Materials Program Manager at 303-492-6390,

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