Community Research Collaboratives

This work discusses an approach to research and engagement called Community Research Collaboratives (CRCs). Its goal is to further define and elevate an existing field of work currently under-recognized by academic researchers, philanthropists, and educational policymakers and practitioners. The authors describe CRCs as partnerships among community members, researchers, and/or educational institutions that work together to advance equity and justice by jointly creating new knowledge, policies, and/or practices that promote systemic change in educational systems and society. The authors' analysis is intended to highlight the unique attributes of CRCs, to boost their visibility in education, and to encourage funding support for this growing field.

Read the press release here: Community Research Collaborative Policy Memo

Read the article here: Partnerships Between Researchers and Communities Can Advance Equity and Systemic Change

Equal Education Facilitator Toolkit 

Equal Education is striving to build a movement reflective of the just society that we are fighting for: democratic, equitable and representative of all of the different people who are members and supporters of EE.

Arrested Learning Full Report

A survey of youth experiences of police and security at school.

Recasting Families and Communities as Co-Designers of Education in Tumultuous Times

This policy memo, jointly released by the National Education Policy Center and the Family Leadership Design Collaborative, explores how justice-based approaches to family engagement can enable parents and families, particularly from communities of color, to contribute as fellow leaders in transforming schools and educational systems to better serve all children, families, and communities. 

PJU Teacher's Toolkit

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos emerged from the struggles of the Chicano and Mexicano peoples in the  Southwest including the United Farmworkers Union, immigrant rights and the Chicano movement. From this foundation, we work to build power and a movement to create a true democracy with economic  equity and racial justice at its core. The link follows to Principles of Unity for P&JU. They are the foundation to our work and should be shared  with members, supporters and friends to explain who we are and what we do.