Research Hub contributes to new Youth Organizing Field Scan

Young activists gained media attention in 2020 for their calls for racial reckoning, immigration rights, and new climate policies. But contrary to popular accounts, youth activism was neither a spontaneous response to current events nor due to the heroic work of individual students. For the past twenty years, young people...

Developing Partnerships for Social Change
Photo with article
A joint statement condemning white supremacy at the U.S. Capitol
Black Lives Matter
Project Voyce students
Collaborating with Youth Organizing Groups and Networks

The Research Hub for Youth Organizing supports young people's capacity to claim power and create more just communities.

We advance youth participation and leadership by co-creating and sharing research and curriculum with youth organizers, teachers, education leaders and policy makers.

Flipping historical paradigms of university-based research, the goal of the research hub is for the work to be in partnership with those in the field and those working within the educational justice movement.