Ben Kirshner
Co-Principal Investigator

Ben Kirshner is co-principal investigator for The Research Hub and professor in the School of Education in Learning Sciences and Human Development. Ben is excited to be part of the work of The Research Hub because it enables him to collaborate with youth organizing groups and network to support their sustainability and impact. This is part of a broader agenda to develop and sustain university-community research partnerships that address persistent public challenges and promote education justice. Ben's experiences working with young people at a community center in San Francisco’s Mission District motivated him to want to study educational equity and the design of learning environments, which he pursued at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. His current research examines youth organizing, participatory action research, and new forms of digital media as contexts for learning and social justice change. His 2015 book, Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality, received the social policy award for best authored book from the Society of Research on Adolescence.