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  • The ZWGT provides peer to peer education around zero waste in the student populated areas of Boulder.
  • These face to face interactions help create a Zero Waste culture while also providing the tools for sustainable behavior change at home and beyond.

A Town/Gown Partnership

The ZWGT is a partnership between the City of Boulder and The University of Colorado

Created to support the City’s Zero Waste Strategic Plan

ZWGT now supports the Universal Zero Waste Ordinance since its adoption in 2015

Main Programs

Visiting MFCs, or Multi Family Complexes, to provide the latest zero waste education and answer resident questions

Delivering the tools (recycle bin, compost bin, reusable bag, info) to start a zero waste lifestyle, on the spot

Supporting sustainable move out practices including reuse, donation, and local thrift stores

Areas of Outreach

The Hill

East Aurora Avenue

Goss/Grove Area


  • Over 3000 units reached each year
  • Over a 33% face-to-face rate
  • Covering the largest student populated areas in the City
  • Almost 600 recycle bins handed out
  • Over 650 compost bins handed out
  • Over 500 reusable bags handed out
  • Over 3000 move outdoor hangers distributed
  • Providing info about waste ordinances during move out
  • Resources about donating materials while moving out

Beyond MFC Visits

ZWGT can adapt to the zero waste needs of the City

Zero waste business support

Waste station updates and improvements