What is carshare? Think of it as short-term car rental but with more locations. Carshare is a great option for those that are car-free or choose to leave their vehicle at home but still need occasional access to a vehicle. Whether it's a small car, an all-wheel drive, a hybrid, or a small truck, there are a variety of carshare vehicles available on campus and throughout central Boulder and Denver.

CU's Environmental Center subsidizes student access to Colorado CarShare and Zipcar. Visit their CU specific websites for complete details, age and eligibility requirements, locations and more:

Colorado CarShareZipcar







Students Plans

Both providers give CU Boulder members discounts. All-wheel drives, trucks and mini-vans have higher fees. Colorado CarShare offers reduced rates from 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM. Please review pricing on the providers' websites, click logo above.

Plans and Rates

Colorado CarShare: Students get a special rate. Just apply the promo code CUECENTER and use your colorado.edu email for a waived registration fee ($25 value) + $20 in eGo CarShare driving credit.
ZipCar: Students get a reduced membership fee of $25, normally $70.


Age Restrictions

Colorado CarShare - 18+ and must have 2 years of a clean driving record

Zipcar - Any 18+ students or 21+ faculty and staff with a valid driver’s license, including international driver's licenses, may rent



Want to find better options for commuting?  Way to Go has been promoting better commuting options for employers and individuals for more than 30 years.

Way to Go

6,700 staff and students drive alone to CU Boulder's campus on an average day.

Student and staff numbers are increasing long term, while the percent of parking is not.  That reality, in combination with the University's environmental commitment to reduce greenhouse gas by 50% by 2030, will require a significant number of drivers to make the commitment to switch to a more sustainable form of transportation. To help you do that, we facilitate vanpool, carpool and car/bike sharing services to make it easier and more beneficial for you to share a ride. 

The benefits of sharing a ride:

  • Saves you money - Splitting costs helps you save on gas, parking and maintenance (check with your insurance company to see if they offer carpooler reduced auto insurance rates).
  • Improves air quality  - Fewer cars on the roads means less exhaust and congestion.  Even the most efficient electric vehicle still increases congestion, which increases energy and fossil fuel usage.
  • Reduces Stress - Riding with others, having access to HOV lanes, and sharing driving duties reduces the stress of your commute.
  • Qualifies for parking perks - CU Boulder carpool permits provide priority parking in certain lots at select times and vanpools park free. 

Get involved, even if it's not every day. There are colleagues in your area that may have a similar schedule and we have the tools find them and make it happen.

Important note regarding insurance: Please be aware that carpooling and ridesharing may require additional insurance coverage, and you may want to explore your options for liability protection with your insurance carrier. Some insurance policies contain provisions that exclude coverage for what is referred to as "ride for hire" situations. If your carpooling arrangement involves accepting money from some passengers, for gas or otherwise, you should request written confirmation from your auto insurance company that this practice will not affect your coverage in the event of an injury accident.

For information about vanpooling visit the CU Boulder Parking & Transportation Services website