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Sustainable Transportation Program Updates

Transit Pass Summer Suspension 

June Suspension Information
A suspension list of over 22,000 students was sent to RTD on May 30. If you aren't enrolled in summer classes as a fee-paying student, a qualifying graduate student employee, or purchased an optional summer bus pass then your pass will be suspended over the summer. However, if you would like to retain the use of your transit pass throughout the summer you can purchase an "optional pass" for $85 from the Buff OneCard office in C4C. 

To purchase an optional pass please either visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C or here are the steps to extend your summer bus pass remotely:

  1. The cost to extend the pass is $85.
    1. Please log in to your account at www.Colorado.edu/buffonecard and deposit this $85 to your Campus Cash account.
    2. Once the deposit is complete, email bocinfo@colorado.edu back with the number on the bottom of your bus pass, highlighted below.
    3. They will charge your Campus Cash account the $85 fee and your pass will be extended.
    4. If complete by May 29, you should not experience any break in service.
      1. Passes purchased after this date will have up to a 72 hour lapse in service while the RTD system is updated.

Please email bocinfo@colorado.edu if you have any questions on the pass purchase process.

Graduate Student Employee qualifications

Graduate students holding active CU Boulder student faculty appointments (GA, RA, TA, GPTI, but this does not include hourly employed students) during the summer will have continued use of their RTD pass. These appointments must be at or above 15% time.

For further information or questions please e-mail buspass@colorado.edu with your name, student ID #, and the first 8 digits of your CollegePass

College Pass ID # 

Bus Program 

Buff Bus, HOP, and Stampede tracking available on Transit App
Real-time location tracking for CU Boulder’s Buff Buses is now available via the Transit app, the same mobile app where you can track RTD and HOP buses, B-Cycle and more. The Transit Mobile App is available for free at mobile app stores.

Common Bus Pass Problems
The most common problems that we deal with include cards not assigned to the correct user, deactivated cards, and defective cards. The Buff OneCard office isn't able to research student card issues e-mail buspass@colorado.edu instead. Pass Issuance and Replacement RTD College Passes are issued to incoming students upon move-in. If you need a bus pass and are a fee paying student, visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C. If you lost your card they can replace it for $10.

Bicycle Program 

Bike Stations Hours
The UMC bike station is open from 9-5, Monday through Friday. The Folsom station is closed and will reopen when the fall semester begins.

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