Thermo Insight FAQ Page

Do you need a monitor for your ULT freezer?

If you have a freezer that needs monitoring, please reach out to Robin Arellano-Valles,, at Facilities Managment.

Presently most ULT freezers on campus with an equipment number are monitored for temperature. However, just because a freezer is keeping temperature does not mean that it is performing well. A freezer may be struggling and threatening to fail.  

From 2015-2016, CU Boulder was an evaluation site for Thermo Insight, an ULT freezer monitoring system that records temperature as well as performance. The Thermo Insight monitoring system is attached to your freezer or refrigerator and wirelessly transmits temperature, performance and energy usage data. The system sends alerts when there is a temperature excursion inside your freezer, but also monitors freezer performance and will send warnings when a freezer is not performing well and perhaps close to failure. Contact Robin Arellano for more information regarding installation of the Thermo Insight monitoring system.