Performing routine preventative maintenance on your freezers and refrigerators can extend the life of these expensive pieces of equipment and keep them running efficiently.

Free ULT freezer Preventative Maintenance checks by HVAC shop

A technician from the Facilities Management HVAC shop does preventative maintenance on ULT freezers on an annual basis. *Maintenance services are only applicable for -80 (ULT) freezers. Preventative maintenance may differ depending on make and model of the freezer * 

Maintenance services may include:

  • Freezer Defrost Notification when necessary
  • Brush/vacuum Condenser Coil
  • Wipe down All Mechanical Components
  • Check & Tighten All Elec Connections
  • Amperage of Compressor
  • Amperage of Fans
  • Freezer Temperature
  • Check and Cycle Operation Controls
  • Check Alarms & Safeties
  • Check Operation of Alarm Dialer
  • Verify Current Lab Contacts

Please contact and Robin Arellano-Valles to let us know you have an ULT freezer that you would like to have added to the preventative maintenance list. 

Maintenance checklists for all other refrigerator and freezers

For refrigerators, cold incubators, and freezers at -20 ⁰C, you can take preventative maintenance steps on your own to keep these pieces of equipment in the best possible shape. Ensuring there isn’t a build-up of frost in your equipment, ensuring the door is sealing properly, and ensuring that there are no objects in your freezer blocking the airflow are all great ways to help your equipment run as energy efficiently as possible with the least amount of strain on the mechanics.

If you have any questions about preventative maintenance for any of your refrigerators, cold incubators, or freezers, please contact

Click on the checklists below for more information on preventative maintenance for different refrigerator and freezer types.