Published: March 18, 2024

Small actions lead to a big impact. That’s why CU Boulder is increasing awareness around 80+ everyday actions that students and staff can take to keep track of their CO2 reductions, water saved and electricity saved. CU is hosting a two-month long AWorld Challenge built around Sustainable Buffs cutting carbon. With the AWorld app, embracing daily sustainability practices is easy. 

AWorld Challenge: Sustainable Buffs Cut Carbon

Join the CU Boulder community on the journey towards a more sustainable planet. The AWorld Challenge, "Sustainable Buffs Cut Carbon," offers you the opportunity to contribute directly to the cause. From Feb. 26 to April 22, embrace the challenge of logging sustainable actions with AWorld to better know your impact and become a catalyst for positive change.

Participation is easy. Download the AWorld app and track the ways you cut back your carbon emissions. Do you get around with public transport today? If so, that’s 1.05 kgCO2 saved per trip! Did you unplug the plug to prevent vampire loads? Congrats, you saved 1.55 kgCO2! Are you incorporating more plant-based meals in your diet? If so, that’s 6.75 kg CO2 saved! See how each action you do adds up to prevent carbon dioxide emissions. 

As a community, we have a goal of preventing 5,000 kgCo2 emissions, the equivalent of recycling 1.7 tons of waste! If we meet this goal, you can vote on your favorite carbon-reducing project on campus. The winning project will receive up to $10,000! As you join the challenge, you'll not only contribute to a more eco-friendly future but also earn rewards along the way.

For those who excel in their commitment, there's more in store:

  • The top 20 performers will get a choice of beeswax wrap or glass tupperware 
  • The top 10 performers will take home $50 of “market bucks” for the Boulder Farmers’ Market 

The AWorld Challenge embodies the collective power of individuals and organizations to drive sustainable change. By participating in the challenge you not only make an immediate impact but also set the stage for a future where energy conservation and responsible practices are the norm. Let's come together, embrace these opportunities and champion a greener, more resilient world for generations to come.

Take action! Join University of Colorado team on AWorld app today!